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Introducing Maxivolt’s Latest Innovation, the ICP Plus

Jan 25, 2017

The ICP Plus integrates the proven protection technology of the Maxivolt ICP Series with SenseTech® communication options and phase monitoring to create a compact, easy to install finished product.

ICP-120 Plus Surge Protective Device             ICP-301 Plus Surge Protective Device             ICP-401 Plus Surge Protective Device             ICP-100 Plus Surge Protective Device

Maxivolt’s innovation has always been driven by the needs of our valued clients.  Specific requests from HVAC suppliers, lighting contractors, and digital signage manufacturers led to the development of the ICP Plus.  The needs were fairly straightforward.

First, protection that actually works.  The surge protection industry has become flooded with insufficient, conforming, commodity type products that simply do not get the job done.  As systems and components become smarter and more interconnected they also become more sensitive and vulnerable.  Suppliers, contractors, and end users alike are fed up with chronic failures and malfunctions even after applying what they thought was sufficient protection.

Secondly, our clients expressed the need for flexible communication and monitoring capabilities.  Protection that works is great.  Knowing the status of that protection and having the ability to react accordingly is just as important.  Additionally, the ability to take the equipment offline if protection is lost eliminates potential windows of vulnerability.

Lastly, a compact design that is easily integrated into a variety of applications was requested.

Our engineers went to work studying and testing these sensitive systems and components.  Understanding the problem is the first step to developing a solution.  Once we confirmed the challenge, the solution was obvious.  Combine the proven technology of our popular ICP-Series devices with variable communication options in a compact, easy to install package.

The ICP Plus was born.  A line of surge protective devices that provides ultra-sensitive, yet robust protection by intercepting and suppressing transient voltage impulses and other power quality anomalies that would otherwise cause electrical apparatus decay, malfunction, and failure.  SenseTech® dry contacts provide options for monitoring and reacting to the status of the device.  As an added bonus, low voltage conditions and phase loss can be monitored and reacted to instantaneously.

The new line is available in four configurations, 120V, 240V, 277V, and 120/240V split phase.  The ICP Plus is perfect for protecting HVAC equipment, LED lighting, pole lighting, digital signage, automation panels, security systems, phone systems, SCADA systems, PLCs, controls, telemetry systems, and virtually any other equipment operating at the specified voltages.

Contact a Maxivolt Power Quality Consultant today to discuss your specific applications and how the ICP Plus can put the headaches of system failure and malfunction in the rear view mirror.
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