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Completing the Power Quality Puzzle: Maxivolt Training

Jan 29, 2019

Maxivolt works with clients to create Premium Electrical Environments.  Equipment operating in a Premium Electrical Environment lasts significantly longer, experiences fewer malfunctions, and is protected from degradation and catastrophic failure due to transient voltage.

How do we help clients create Premium Electrical Environments?

Our products go a long way in creating a difference making environment.  According to a benchmark study in our industry, over 88% of power problems are related to transient voltage.  This means a properly applied and installed Maxivolt Surge Protection System eliminates almost 90% of your exposure to these problems.  Getting that other 10% requires a comprehensive strategy.  This is where Maxivolt Training comes in... to complete the puzzle.

All of our trainings are custom tailored to fit the audience.  Topics covered include transient voltage surge suppression, grounding and wiring practices, and other power quality considerations.  Typical trainings run between two and four hours and can be performed in person or via live web conference.  Give us a call to discuss options and schedule your custom tailored training.

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